Strategic Solutions

Our motto is simple:
Strategic Solutions to Human Suffering

With the relationships we form, we are able to meet real need • on the ground • and have direct impact in the communities.

Strategic GIVING

- 100% of the gift sent to the need!
- long-term, historic effects
- measurable effectiveness
- clear starting and completing dates
- maximized sense of accomplishment
- easy communication, verifiability
- efficiency, zero overhead

100% of your gift goes to the need.
Absolutely no administrative cost taken.

You Are Not Alone Campaign for Japan

The Cry of the Tsunami

You Are Not Alone...

Written and performed by Jessica Kilmartin
Photo credits: Reuters

To purchase and download "The Cry of the Tsunamia" MP3, visit KeyCentre Media


Featured Projects


Our mission is to reach kids, youth & young adults in every day life through personal & power encounters with the Holy Spirit and unconditional love, and then provide a safe place for them to come and grow up in God. Find out more...





Thank you so much for your continued support. Our media team has put together an excellent presentation entitled 'God Answers Prayer.' These are prayers prayed by our Pastors, leadership and congregation in the weeks leading up to and during the Revolution. We are amazed at the way God has been answering prayer and it is our joy to share with you the results of your fervent prayer.

I trust this will encourage your heart. Please keep remembering Egypt and our fellowship before the throne of grace.
Every blessing,
View another video.


Ample plant pollination by honeybees has tremendous positive effect on production of fruit trees and other edible and non-edible plants. $500 was given to purchase materials for 40 beehives and $1300 was given for building renovations for a new church and aid station. Our partners in Mostar, Bosnia i Horzegovina: Karmelo and Ivon Kresonja

home10bigOAZA - ROMANIA

GSA has supported monthly the founder and Director of OAZA, Laura Andres since 1993.




Messiah Church is located in Bulgaria and the Senior Leader is Lyubo and Tanya Petkov. They have two children - Soloman and Debra. The headquarters church is in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Messiah Church has churches throughout central Bulgaria and provides extensive education and humanitarian aid. Lyubo and Tanya also have a weekly TV program covering a variety of topics such as faith, family, finances.....Global Alliance provided $1300 for the purchase of a new TV camera in '10.

The Director of GSA, Perry Babb will speak at the 20th Anniversary celebration of the work of Messiah Church in May of '11. Visit Messiah Church site.

house2800,000 PROJECT FOR RWANDA

THE KAYINAMURA FOUNDATION is a recognized PA Non-Profit formed to help renew Rwanda. The Foundation is the third stage of the artwork 800,000 Acknowledge.Remember.Renew., which is the foundation's method of generating awareness and funds. Find out more...


Our mission is to translate and publish books, develop and design websites in different languages - Especially Middle Eastern languages- to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His truth to people. We have translated many books to Farsi (Persian) Language, which is the official language of Iran. There are other translation projects under way in Arabic, French, and Spanish Languages. Find out more...


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